UCSC Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the UCSC Login:



Steps you need in order to gain access to your ucsc Login.

1. Upload the following link into your chosen internet browser by copy and paste of clicking on the link as provided here: https://my.ucsc.edu/psp/epprd/?cmd=login&errorCode=106

2. There will be two fields requiring information for entry to your account. In the first field, enter your username in the field provided there for the username.

3. In the field underneath the one for username is where you will enter the password for your student account. Enter that information in the field provided there.

4. Click the "Login to Myucsc" button located under the password field and proceed into your account.


Simple enough right? Well, unfortunately some of us have our days where either we cannot remember what username we have or password for that matter. No worries, it could happen to anyone, this is why there are steps provided.




In case you need to reset or recover any of your credentials, follow these steps.

If you have forgotten your password, follow these steps:

1. Under the fields for entry of the login information, you will see a button for CruzID Gold. To the right of that button select the highlighted text that asks if you have forgotten your password.

2. Enter your CruzID in the field that is provided there.

3. Click the submit button to proceed with recovery instruction specific to your account regarding your password.

4. Once the password is recovered. Proceed back to step 1 of the login instructions as stated in this article.



Should there be any further questions once you have completed the steps mentioned above, here are the contact details.

ITS Support Center

Phone: (831) 459-HELP (4357)

Email: help@ucsc.edu


Divisional Liaisons and their on campus extensions


Scotty Brookie



BAS, Chancellor's Office/EVC, University Relations, Student Services

Peter McMillan




Andrea Hesse




Stephen Hauskins



Social Sciences

Mike Edmonds




Terry Figel



UCSC Silicon Valley

Dave Klein



This information should be sure to set your well on your way to gaining access into your student account. As their site goes through any changes of any kind we will be updating you via this article. Therefore, we encourage you to bookmark this page and check back periodically to make sure you always have the proper information and links to access your student information via your ucsc Login.